Women In Politics Foundation's mission is to create a steady stream of qualified women who have the knowledge and the support they need to run a successful campaign for elective office.

Women In Politics Foundation's mission is to create a steady stream of qualified women who have the knowledge and the support they need to run a successful campaign for elective office.


The Women In Politics Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to the fight for women to achieve political equality in Missouri and Kansas. We are a nonpartisan organization that sponsors projects to educate women about leadership and how they can contribute to the political process. We must continually grow the numbers of women ready to assume responsibility for our Nation’s offices. 

Our Mission: To grant funds to the Greater Kansas City Women’s Political Caucus (EEF) and other organizations (Hurlbut), who are dedicated to women’s equality and political parity; to help coordinate and collaborate with these organizations and be the leader in moving the progressive women’s agenda forward, for this and future generations.

Our vision is to grow our family of funds in order that we be able to give financial support to other organizations that support equality for all women. We envision a world where women participate fully in the entire spectrum of political life and leadership in the United States.

A Message for 2018:

Our volunteer Board serves with energy and dedication to the proposition that women should be political equals.  Exciting things are happening and we look to future with hope and anticipation of great things to come. Women's political power is growing.  Women are running for office in record numbers and there is a marked increase in the number of women who are rising up as leaders. Parity for women in politics is finally being identified as an essential and required component of our democracy, and the need for women's voices and participation in government has never been more evident. 

Since our EEF fund was started in 1999, over $100,000 has been awarded for the educational programs of the Greater Kansas City Women’s Political Caucus (GKCWPC). In the last few years, EEF has raised the bar to pro-actively make the greatest impact possible through its programs. At the last Campaign School, we saw many young women who were excited and preparing to run for office. This is of highest priority and we will continue to fund these efforts through the work of the GKCWPC.

EEF Founders are an outstanding group of progressive thinkers in our community. The fund, invested with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, now totals almost $300,000; we are recruiting new Founders to continue growing the fund. When you give to EEF – you receive a bit of immortality – a donation to EEF is a gift to women of the present and the future; daughters, granddaughters and women we will never know. Your gift demands “women should have political equality.” And years from now it will still be here to demand it. Giving to EEF brings education and training to potential candidates and helps work toward political equality at all levels of government. Giving to EEF means there’s meaningful money for education. Your name should be among the outstanding women and men in our area who continue to fund this endowment.

We were so sad to lose our devoted Board Member Mary Louise (Biddy) Hurlbut in 2007. Her daughters, Annie Hurlbut Zander and Heather Hurlbut Smith responded by organizing The Hurlbut Fund, and we are well on our way to $60,000 in this fund, after funding the Madame President Camp for several years.  Giving to the Hulburt fund guarantees that we continue reaching out into the community to organizations who hold the same values as we do, to provide education and training to all. We believe it is through the collaboration with other community organizations that we can be most effective and reach the largest number of people.

We are a 501(c)(3), so donations to our organization are 100% tax deductible.

Please join forces with our Board of dedicated women who never give up on women’s equality and the generous women and men who are Founders of our funds,  by making a donation to EEF and/or The Hurlbut Fund today.

Thank you for considering us with your generous giving.